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hanayamomo Hall 

Built from wood over 120 years old. High ceilings and rhythmic beams.
Earthen walls and Japanese paper shoji.

The hall made of natural materials has a pleasant and soft sound.

inflate,instrumentWeave together the same eternal time as.


The history of the former Fujiya Ryokan

rental space

About using the room

The only remaining Meiji-era inn architecture in Beppu, we will enrich your works and gatherings.

hanayamomo Hall

Hanayamomo Hall   85m2
Chair seats only Capacity 80 people (maximum 100 people)
Table and chair seating capacity 40 people (maximum 50 people)
●Usage example
・Piano, music class recital
・Concert with coffee and cake
・Symposium ・Conference
・Healing lessons such as Pilates
・Exhibition ・Art exhibition
Usage fee example Concert use
    Afternoon 9:00-17:00
    Night 14:00-21:30
Weekdays from 43,200 yen Weekends from 54,000 yen
●Practice: I will support everyone who learns music.
During my free time on weekday mornings,
Also for concert practice and vocal practice
Saturdays and Sundays 3000 yen/h
Weekdays 2000 yen/h   Includes piano fee (excluding tax)

Meeting point
The real building of the Meiji period will make your works even more wonderful. Enriching customers with an approach that includes a gardenWe will treat you.
・Space 35m2
  meeting has desks for up to 12 people, chairs only for 20 people
・As a private room for meetings and cafes
・Collaboration with contemporary art

Free wifi, projector rental  1000yen
Price  Exhibition 10000 yen/day

Meiji Japanese-style room

This is the only hotel in Beppu that has a Meiji-era ryokan architecture, and it is the only room that retains the original Meiji-era Japanese-style room.

Please use it for tea and flower parties, haiku gatherings, etc., and also rent a private room and spend a relaxing time as a space to entertain your guests.

・Both 1F and 2F

Size: 8 tatami main room + 6 tatami second room + surrounding edge

・There is a mizuya and a fireplace in the Japanese-style room on the 1st floor.

When using at a party of 10 people or more

 30,000 yen per day (excluding tax)

  Half day 17000 yen (excluding tax)

photo shoot
In the space of the Meiji era, it can be used as a shooting place for pre-wedding shoots and product catalogs.
How about leaving a lifetime memory as a high-quality photo in a real space?
Please contact us for details
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