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Coffee & Tea Salon hanayamomo
Baroque and specialty coffee
gentle black tea
Slow passage of time in Meiji architecture
spend time surrounded by many books
blissful moment

Original Drip Coffee     600~
YOSHITO Coffee  Bitter Drip  600-
Cold brew Coffee. 630-

Ceylon Uva, erc 600-

Marco Polo 700~
<Homemade Fruit Syrop > Pram  Kabosu ginger  

Seasonal cake 660~,
Plantago Bagel 495-

<business hours>
10:00~17:00 Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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It's an old house so I can tell you...

To protect is to use carefully.

We have collected gems that will become your own as you use them carefully for a long time.

Things that become delicious with old wisdom, gems that bring a new wind to tradition, etc.

Please enjoy the dining table that grows.

The original jam made with low-temperature steam using the rich geothermal heat of Kannawa is also popular.


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