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冨士屋 一也百ホール&ギャラリー

ESTB  1899

Fujiya Hanayamomo

About us

Welcome to  Fujiya Gallery hanayamomo

This traditional building was built as an Japanese-inn (Ryokan) in 1899, the one and only building that retains its beautiful appearance from Meiji-era in Beppu city. 

You can see the architectural style and technique of artisans from the time. After we closed Ryokan in 1996, we almost teared this down for another business, but decided to renovate to convey the tradition for another 100 years.

Now there's a concert hall and gallery-space on the second floor, and a cafe and gift shop on the first floor for you to experience the traditional style in the heart of Kannawa, Beppu.

We hope you will enjoy the beauty of Japan and the rich moment through events of music, art, culture, food held in this space.

カフェ 雑貨 コンサート


<Important Notice>

Next year, We'll restart  the Fujiya Hotel  that has been passed down from generation to generation since the Meiji era.

Along with this, the current building will be partially renewed, so the hall and gallery will be rented out until the end of June.

"Coffee&Tea Salon " will also be open until around July (schedule undecided).
Hanayamomo shop and EC site will continue to operate.


And this June, we will be holding a lot of programs in the middle of the day. We are looking forward to your participation.

​ from Hanayamomo


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Events & News

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How to enjoy hanayamomo

Listen to the soothing sound of Meiji architecture resonating with musical instruments in the hall

Quietly face your favorite book with carefully brewed drip coffee

Encounter handmade works of bamboo crafts and pottery that will be used carefully for a long time

Surrounded by the overflowing natural steam of Kannawa Learn about low-temperature steam and fermented “food”

Feel the pride of the Japanese in the beauty of the design drawn by the master carpenter of the Meiji era

ー This is the oldest place in Beppu and now the place where the newest creations are born.


pleasant dining table
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Home made jam


​四季のお庭から Seasonal Garden




hanayamomo Hall & Gallery-Hana and Momo-

pleasant dining tableHanayamomo Links


Beppu City, Oita Prefecture Kannawakami 1

Phone: 0977-66-3251

Fax: 0977-66-0302


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Business hours 10:00-17:00

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Contact us from here

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Oita Airport →→ (airline) →→
10 minutes by taxi from Beppu International Tourist Port
​JR Beppu Station →→ 20 minutes by taxi
  (West Exit) Supatto     →→ Get off at Kannawa and walk 5 minutes
  (East Exit) Oita Kotsu Bus →→ Kannawa terminal, 2 minutes on foot
From Fukuoka
Tenjin Bus Center → Kannawa ExitHighway Bus Toyonokuni
7 minute walk from Kannawaguchi bus stop


40 units

Beppu IC → → Kannawa Onsen direction 10 minutes
    Route 10→→Kyushu Odan Road→→Kanawa Onsen

Note) When using the navigation, please use "Kannawa Mushiyu" as a landmark.

Depending on the navigation system, there are cases where it guides you on very narrow roads.

access  はなやもも 駐車場

If you are visiting for the first time, please park at the "Fujiya parking lot" in front of the end of Oita Kotsu Kannawa, which is spacious and convenient. (1-2 minutes on foot)

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