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The warmth of the geothermal heat nurtures the deliciousness

Fresh jam made with low-temperature steam

・ Low-temperature steam is a cooking method that steams at 40 ° C to 90 ° C.
Enzymes in the fruit work in the steam to bring out the original flavor and sweetness of the ingredients.
In addition, the material is less oxidized, so it is a jam that is very gentle on the body.

・Uses carefully grown fruits from farmers in Oita Prefecture (only apples from Aomori)
The taste and aroma are confined in the bottle as it is.
Enjoy the unique texture and fresh aroma.


☆Storage method
Store at room temperature before opening.
Since the sugar content is low, store it in the refrigerator after opening and consume it as soon as possible.

☆How to serve
Bread and yogurt, of course, to accompany wine.
When dissolved in carbonic acid, it becomes a delicious fruit soda.

 Low temperature steam jam
Use the natural steam of Kannawa Onsen to relax
It is steamed at a low temperature and then made into a jam.
Bring out the best flavor of each fruit
Born after many years of studying temperature and time
with deliciousness


Kiwi from Kunisaki

Kiwis grown in the sunshine of Kunisaki, Oita Prefecture, have been made into a bright green jam. Because it is a low-temperature steam, the fruit is loose. It has a reputation for being more delicious than raw kiwi!



M ¥600 S ¥420


Pesticide-free sweet summer from Oita

M ¥600 S ¥420

Amanatsu harvested at the edge of the eaves has a good balance of sweetness and sourness and is safe. Please enjoy the fresh and crunchy texture.

Enjoy with a glass of wine

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