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This traditional building was built as an Japanese-inn(Ryokan) in 1899, one and only building retains its beautiful appearance from Meiji-era in Beppu city. 

You can see the architectural style and technique of  artisans of at the time. After we closed Ryokan in 1996, we almost teared this down for another business, but decided to renovate to convey the tradition to another 100 years .

Now there's an concert hall and gallery-space on the second floor , cafe and gift shop on the first floor.

I hope you will enjoy the beauty of Japan and the rich moment through events of music, art, culture, food held in this space.


Cafe hanayamomo

Introduction of  menu


Original hand-dripp coffee                  540 yen

Today's coffee                                        560yen     Cafe au lait                                             600yen

Iced coffee                                             540yen


Maccha                                                  700 yen

 with season japanese sweets

Dajiling                                                   600 yen

Ceiron Uva  with milk                           540 yen

Royal milk tea                                        600yen

nana-Mint  tea                                      540yen

Rote gurtzs                                            540yen


yuzu- soda                                            540yen

pram- soda                                           540yen      


Cheese cake                                          350yen

with home made Onsen Jam



There are only 14 sheets  in the spacious lobby space.

Enjoy our hand drip coffee,espresso, well selected tea, sweets and home made jam in the Meiji-era style space with Japanese mid-century furniture.


Gallery Shop hanayamomo

beautifully selected Oita and Kyushu area  traditional pottery, bamboo crafts, and home made jam cooked by onsen (hot spring) heating.


Enjoy the atmosphere and architecture of the good-old times of Japan


Four seasons of our garden


General Information


hayayamomo Hall

Gallery hanayamomo

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Tel: 0977-66-3251

Fax: 0977-66-0302


735 Kannnawa Beppu-shi, Oita

Opening hour 10:00~17:00

Closure Dates

Generally, Monday and Tuesday

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■ Parking  No.1 (12 spaces)
   front of the Gallery  

   Cost:  Free Open:24 hour 


■Parking  No.2  (30 spaces)
   2minute walking  Access

   Cost:  Free   Open:24 hour 



▪️ 20 minetes by Bus from Beppu Station WestSide 

 Bus No.5or 7

   Get off  Kannawa busstop   5 min walking 

* 8minutes  via taxi from JR Beppu-University Station

*10 minutes via car from Beppu IC.


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